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ICD Fiduciaries: International services and tax optimization

ICD Fiduciaries, historically founded in 2006 in Great Britain, is a company specializing in providing information regarding international company formation and international bank account opening.

Our company has a trustful and respectable cooperation with lawyers, and accountants in different jurisdictions that provide us with necessary competence for incorporating and managing international companies. This allows us to bring together the essential skills necessary for your  international tax optimization 

ICD Fiduciaries is based in two most known business centers: Hong Kong and London

An international company is an enterprise registered in a country outside of tax residence, whose registered office is in a low-tax or non-existent tax jurisdiction, known as a tax haven. The advantages are ease of international company formation, fast incorporation, beneficial owner asset protection and a high anonymity.

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    ICD Fiduciaries is committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

    ICD Fiduciaries will offer you and implement solutions for the incorporation, administrative management and accounting of your international company, domiciliation  and opening of professional bank accounts .

    Our approach is above all to inform you about the keys in terms of international companies and to determine the points allowing you an ideal international tax optimization . 

    For example: margins, commissions, services, dividends or even subcontracting.

    Opening an international company and then registering it is quick and easy , but only when you receive adequate advice and, above all, adapted to your situation. Each case is unique !

    International activities covered by ICD Fiduciaries

    The international companies , or holding company are companies registered in a country outside its usual residence tax,  and established in a country with attractive tax or no, sometimes awkwardly named as a  tax haven .

    With our personalized advice and tailored , simplicity of local law and the rapid proce hard  you can optimize your tax without waiting for ages.

    Varied and complementary skills at your service

    A majority of trades can be exercised through a foreign company and the main proceedings do not change rapidly. This allows you to change nothing in the day-to-day operation of your professional activity.

    Consulting activities, sale of intangible goods, import / export operations, collection of income from intellectual services, outsourcing of accounting and secretarial services, development and marketing of software, copyright and license fees, E commerce operations …

    ICD Fiduciaries will offer you its administrative and accounting management services to companies, as well as bank accounts in many countries (Europe, Caribbean, Asia, etc.).

    We are providing solutions and international tax planning in the following fields

    The main activities for tax optimization using international company

    Import /export of goods, trade of intangible goods, development and marketing of IT software, incomes from intellectual propertyinternational e-commerce solutions, bookkeeping services, secretarial, copyright, and license fees.

    ICD Fiduciaries provides solutions for international services and banking services in European and International tax haven countries. For the growth of your business we offer the service of Virtual Office in the main jurisdictions thus you to develop and ease your operations.

    For your business needs ICD Fiduciaries can find solutions of companies in Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Canada.

    We provide our service in French and English. We guarantee a confidentiality and an individual approach, clear specifications and detailed intervention, as well as charge-free support of the following year.

    We have experience and professionalism in order provide you with a personalized solution based on your needs. Our main objective is to provide our clients with support in all stages of your order.

    Get in  touch now with our London-based firm , we will get back to you according to your availability.

    From now on, set up your tax optimization strategy in Europe ( Latvia , England , Luxembourg ), Asia ( Singapore , Hong-Kong), Dubai or even Canada and Delaware.

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      ICD Fiduciaries is committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

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