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Offshore company annual renewal

In the first year, starting from the company incorporation date all of our clients receive company management service with an active follow-up from their account managers. In addition to that, we also lead all communication with the bank’s representatives.

After the first year, ICD Fiduciaries also provides all their clients with renewal services created to match each individual’s needs. The scope of the renewal fees depends on both the volume of work performed annually and the existing fees in the respective jurisdiction.


Annual renewal includes the following:

1. Payment of annual renewal fee

Regardless of the location of your business, the renewal fee of the respective country should be paid annually. The scope of the fee is determined by the country in which your business is incorporated. If the fee is not paid, the company will not be in good standing .

2. ICD Fiduciaries agent fee

  • The ICD Fiduciaries account managers constantly make sure that the documentation is accurate and up-to-date, offer the best solutions for each particular situation, prepare and submit the documents necessary for annual renewal, inform about the most important changes in legislation, and are always ready to help.
  • Throughout the whole year, ICD Fiduciaries takes care of company administration, preparation and filing of accounting reports, communication with the bank’s representatives and other duties related to business management.

3. Virtual office maintenance (optional)

The creation of a commercial address and shipping address, telephone nr., fax, e-mail address, website, etc.

4. Preparing financial reports (optional)

The report types and their volume differ across all the jurisdictions.

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