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International Bank account opening – secure and reputable

Beyond our ability to incorporate international companies around the world, our firm has a network of partner banks which allows us to open international bank accounts , according to your needs, your professional activity and your personal situation. 

Whether for your international company or on a personal basis, our partner banks will offer you an international bank account in different jurisdictions, depending on the type of bank account you need: deposit account, term account, current account, etc.

The opening of international bank accounts is most often done remotely

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    ICD Fiduciaries is committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

    Open an international bank account to protect your money

    With ICD-Fiduciaries, you can open the international bank account required for your international company. This is an essential step for your fiscal comfort.

    We operate, on your behalf, the necessary banking introduction with large banking institutions. We will inform you, step by step, to  open an international bank account successfully. This is the keystone of our added value .

    Our solutions to open an international bank account

    International bank account and incorporation of an international company

    You need a bank account for your international company, that’s a premise. Here are the services most often offered:

    • Bank accounts in convertible currencies,
    • Internet interface allowing you to view your accounts and carry out online transactions,
    • Visa / MasterCard cards,
    • Letters of credit – Bank guarantees

    Our added value for your success

    To open an international bank account, our team takes care of:

    • The connection procedure
    • Opening an international bank account remotely (in most cases)

    ICD Fiduciaries has partnerships with banking establishments around the world.

    Depending on the nature of your project, we will inform you about the different banks and their related banking services, and, at your request, we will initiate the related procedures.

    Does it take long to open a bank account?

    Once the tax strategy has been put in place by our experts, the faster you provide the documents, the more the opening of your bank account will be. Legal provisions apply in order to comply with the rules in force in your country of residence.

    Which are the most suitable jurisdictions? How to open an offshore bank account online?

    This will clearly depend on your activity, your tax strategy and your industry. Our experts are here to offer you the best tax tactics. The goal is to reduce your taxes while respecting all applicable tax rules.

    Is it possible to open a bank account without a company?

    No, having a bank account is essential in order to bill your customers. In that sense, an account without an entity wouldn’t … make sense. There may be a bank account for an individual, but specific rules apply.

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      ICD Fiduciaries is committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

      The main reasons to open an international bank account is secrecyconfidentiality and your international asset protection such as savings, royalties, dividends and corporate profits.

      There are many different countries around the world to choose where to open an international bank account. The main criteria of choice of the bank and it’s location are your business activity, partner location and expected banking services.

      With our long-lasting banking network relationships, we can open a bank account without you leaving the country and you will be able to operate your bank account online from all over the world. International online banking gives the possibility to manage your finances no matter where you reside.

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