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Luxembourg company registration – start your business now!:

Luxembourg Offshore

Luxembourg company registration

Luxembourg is lying in the center of Western Europe between Belgium, France and Germany. It is the sixth smallest country, the only Grand Duchy in the world and the eighth largest banking and financial center in the world. In its small size has been hidden the many historic cultural attractions. Similarly, in Luxembourg is highly picturesque scenery, countless legends and anecdotes. There are several reasons why to register a Luxembourg company. Luxembourg’s reputation is as a trustworthy political and economic partner. Economy in this country is based mainly on the banking and insurance industries, as well as the steel industry. An important role in the economy is also for agriculture and wine production.

Société de Participation Financière (SOPARFI) is a company mostly used as holding company. It can carry out or take part also in any other activity. SOPARFI falls within the scope of general tax law and may benefit from the double taxation treaties. This company fully subject to tax at a normal rate and is suited to benefit from the double tax treaties between Luxembourg and third countries. The taxable income is based on the annual financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Who and for what should register Luxembourg Company:

  • Entrepreneur,
  • Consultants,
  • International trade,
  • Commerce on the Internet,
  • Stockbrokers,
  • For yacht owners,
  • Intellectual property holding rights.

See the proceedings here : 6 steps to create your company.

Time schedule:



Incorporation of the company


Delivery of original company documents

10 – 15

Offshore bank account opening

15 – 20

Advantages of a company registered  in Luxembourg:

  • No Minimum Annual Tax,
  • No License Fee,
  • No Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities,
  • Good jurisdiction for Holding Companies,
  • Excellent communications.

Disadvantages of a Luxembourg company:

  • The lack of public registers can make proof of ownership difficult,
  • Large amount of paid up capital required.

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