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Step-by-step proceedings to create your offshore company:

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Step-by step to incorporate offshore company

Each company creation is individual and we are here to ease this process and help you make an intelligent and adjusted choice. Our objective is to support you on each of the following steps, to accomplish your needs.

1. Acknowledgment and efficient exchange:

A qualitative conversation, written proposal and face-to-face meeting are the main conditions to start a successful formation of your company. We review each case individually and due to the client’s needs provide a proposal. We suggest you to think about your aims that you would like to achieve.

2. The selection of an appropriate entity:

All our exchange with client is strictly confidential. Our objective is to understand your business and your expectations. By understanding your business activity we will be able to propose the most appropriate solution.

3. Clarified price proposals:

We will provide you a detailed and clarified quotation and will be pleased to answer to any of your equerries.

4. Incorporation of the company and offshore bank account opening:

We will create a file for your order and the first step is the incorporation process of your company.

To proceed with the creation of your entity we will need to following:

  • Filled and signed ICD Fiduciaries application form,
  • A copy of valid passport for each involved person,
  • A personal utility bill not older than two months,
  • Settlement of our fees.

Once the company is created, we will proceed to open your corporate bank account in one of our partner banks. During the operation we will keep you informed about the each step.

5. Ease the opening of your bank account:

The banks have strict and serious compliance, and in many cases they can refuse the file. Our expertise allows us to assure to open the bank accounts in different currencies, enclosing the bank card and e-banking access for your daily operations.

6. Provided Support for the first year:

We provide to our clients a complete support on the various operations during the process of creation your offshore entity. We will help you to understand all the company documents and proceedings which are related to your offshore company, for example to explain what is a Nominee Director, a Certificate of Incumbency, a Declaration of Trust, what documents you will sign, we will advise about the specific due dates and more.

For your inquires and more detailed information, please contact us.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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