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United Kingdom company formation – choice of a leader

Société en Grande Bretagne

International company in United Kingdom with corporation tax rate of 19 %

Many investors try to register a company in the developed countries, which provide certain advantages in the implementation of a trade or business.

These include the United Kingdom, which can be called respectable offshore. British international structures can help to minimize current taxes to relatively low level, and with the right approach – even completely eliminate them.

With 110 bilateral treaties, the United Kingdom has probably the best tax treaty network in the world. London is an investment centre of the first order, allowing the UK to appear as a good gateway to European markets.

Corporate tax rate for UK companies is already more lucrative than other European countries and with the presumption of leaving the EU, UK Government has developed a plan to reduce the tax rate to 15%.

Clients who have established their business in UK benefits from the low tax rate comparing to their home jurisdiction and gains the advantages of the popularity of created business in United Kingdom ,that has leaded signing successful new business contracts in the field of maritime, food chain and IT and web marketing.

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Who and for what should choose United Kingdom company formation

  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Consultants,
  • International traders,
  • E-commerce business,
  • Stockbrokers,
  • For inheritance purposes,
  • For intellectual property holding rights,
  • For the custody of movable and immovable property,
  • Yacht owners.

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    Advantages of a company in Great Britain

    • United Kingdom company formation is popular because of the simplicity of the applicable corporate law (Common Law), the costs of incorporation and management are relatively inexpensive comparing to other European countries.
    • Although no longer strictly considered as tax haven, the United Kingdom rates of corporate taxes are among the lowest compared with many other competing jurisdictions.
    • A very reputable jurisdiction that allows to gain the trust of your business partners;
    • Fast registration process;
    • One of the most developed countries in terms of economy and trading;
    • Easy to travel there for any business matters;
    • Simple management as only one director and one shareholder are required;
    • Since English is the official language, there is no need to translate any documents.
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