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Mauritius Offshore Company formation

Mauritius Offshore Company

Mauritius Offshore Company

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean near the French Island of Reunion. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis and is located on the west coast.

Mauritius has a well-diversified and structured economy and has successfully emerged as a reliable international financial services center over the past two decades.

By creating a Mauritius offshore company the entrepreneurs will benefit  from this full tax compliant, intelligent, low tax financial services jurisdiction. Its economy is well diversified with agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, financial services and the seafood hub being the economic pillars. The island has become a remarkable offshore center with many banks and financial companies.

Mauritius can provide a unique variety of features which can suit your requirements and add offer a wide range of global investment vehicles.

Despite a rather touristic image, the fact remains that Mauritius offers the advantage of complete privacy and legal safeguards since names are not published and the structures are anonymous.

There are two types of Global Business Companies namely the Category 1 Global Business Company (“GBC1”) and the Category 2 Global Business Company (“GBC2”).

While the GBC1 is resident for tax purposes in Mauritius and can thus avail itself of the benefits of the double taxation treaties signed by Mauritius, the GBC2 is tax exempt and is typically used where no tax treaty benefits are sought.

Mauritius Offshore Company formation is most suitable for:

  • Holding intellectual property rights,
  • For consultants,
  • To hold movable and immovable property,
  • For international business,
  • E-commerce,
  • For brokers on the stock market and Forex.

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Time schedule:

Establishment Days
Incorporation of the company 14
Delivery of original company documents 10 – 15
Offshore bank account opening 15 – 20

Advantages of Mauritius offshore company formation:

  • 0% corporate tax rate  on net profits arising from offshore business operations,
  • No withholding tax on dividends and benefits payable by offshore companies,
  • No capital gains tax,
  • No estate duty or inheritance tax is payable on the inheritance of shares in an offshore entity.

Disadvantages of an offshore company in Mauritius:

  • May be confusion regarding different types of Mauritian company,
  • Filing requirements with authority of jurisdiction.

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