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Register offshore company in Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands offshore company

Cayman Islands offshore company

The Cayman Islands are a group of three islands in the Caribbean and is located about 1150 km south of Florida. The population is roundly about sixty thousand that is a huge trade with the US.In 1972 the Cayman Islands become a British possession.

The Governor is appointed by the Queen of England and it directs the island government. The official and spoken language is English.There are several reasons why land sales increase almost every year and for many years it enjoyed a luxuriate economy with literally zero unemployment and it has been operating as offshore center.

By registering offshore company in Cayman Islands entrepreneurs will benefit from the effective tax system and the developed financial structure.

The Cayman Islands economy is dynamic and specializes in financial services and tourism. Construction of new homes, hotels and condominium projects keeps developers busy. Also the Island has a good infrastructure – Miami is one hour away by air and it has direct air links with New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Houston and Jamaica. Furthermore, the Islands are a popular cruise-ship stop.

Who and for what should register offshore company in Cayman Islands

  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultants
  • International trade
  • Commerce on the Internet
  • Stockbrokers
  • For the protection of movable and immovable property
  • For inheritance purposes
  • Intellectual property holding rights.

Discover the process of how to incorporate your offshore company step by step.

Establishment Days
Incorporation of the company 2
Delivery of original company documents 10 – 15
Offshore bank account opening 15 – 20

Advantages of registering an offshore company in Cayman Islands:

  • 0% corporate tax,
  • Well-developed banking and legal infrastructures,
  • Well known center for Hedge Funds,
  • No publicly accessible records for Directors and Shareholders,
  • Speedy incorporation time.

Disadvantages of a Cayman Islands offshore company:

  • Considered as an expensive jurisdiction.
  • Well known as offshore jurisdiction.

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