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International Company Registration in Hong Kong

hong kong offshore company

hong kong offshore company

International company in Hong Kong with 0% tax

Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest regions in Republic of China and the biggest business center in Asia. Hong Kong is a first-class financial center, whose economy is one of the most perspectives in the world. Incorporate an hong kong offshore company is a plus for your strategy.

It is a financial and commercial core of global importance, which will contribute the quality of your relationships with your international clients and partners.

This jurisdiction is known as stable and one of the fast growing in mean of development and finance. The main advantage of International company registration in Hong Kong is the fact that this jurisdiction does not appear on any blacklist and its banking system is definitely one of the most well known in the world.

International company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is placed behind London and New York, in the ranks of the great financial centers of the world. It plays a big role in international trade.

Hong Kong is a very attractive International jurisdiction for entrepreneurs wishing to set up their international company there. In many ways, Hong Kong has to be like a tax haven.

Hong Kong guarantees companies 0% taxation, data confidentiality and the ability to maintain international bank accounts .

There is only one law applicable to all corporate forms. The most common type of international company in Hong Kong is the Private Limited Company.

Like Great Britain, which was a colony for decades, Hong Kong benefits from the same expertise and the same economic pragmatism. Forming a business in Hong Kong and then an international bank account is a real plus for the development of your business.

Thanks to the knowledge and network of our advisors based on site, everything is done to facilitate your success. Hong Kong’s tax ecosystem is among the most efficient and complete in the world.

The growth of Hong Kong and the local fluidity of the business world are real pluses for
your future business (especially in terms of import-export with China).

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    International Company in Hong Kong would be advanced for

    • Business man,
    • Consultants,
    • Stockbrokers,
    • International trade,
    • For inheritance purposes,
    • Intellectual property holding rights,
    • Trading on the Internet.

    Incorporation of an International company in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Economic Data

    Special administrative region of China, Hong Kong benefits from a special system compared to the rest of the country which results in particular in greater economic autonomy. The city-region also has its own currency: the Hong Kong dollar.

    Hong Kong is one of the regions in the world with GDP per capita nominal highest. 

    The Hong Kong economy revolves around services which represent 92.7% of GDP, far ahead of industry (7.2%), while agriculture is virtually non-existent (0.1%). This service sector is mainly focused on the financial sector. Hong Kong is currently the third largest financial center in the world behind New York and London. Getting an offshore company in Hong-Kong is ideal to attack the Chinese market.

    The advantages of an international company in Hong Kong

    The main interest of incorporating an international company in Hong Kong is of course of a fiscal nature since the international profits are not subject to any tax . This peculiarity is one of the reasons why the Special Administrative Region has become one of the most important welcoming areas for entrepreneurs in the world.

    Likewise, there is no exchange control, no business tax and no VAT. All the elements are there to benefit from a very attractive tax optimization.

    Setting up an international company in Hong Kong takes on average less than 10 days and you don’t have to release any share capital.

    Finally, in Hong Kong the corporate culture is very developed. It is possible to create a solid network in a few weeks.

    Hong Kong offshore company : Benefits

    • 5 star jurisdiction – very reputable jurisdiction with a developed economy. Because of its history and position in international trading market, Hong Kong will not automatically be considered as a “Tax Haven” jurisdiction;
    • Beneficial Owner will not be disclosed to the Authorities;
    • Simple management as only one director and one shareholder are required;
    • English is an official language that is widely used in business sector;
    • HK is a very popular gateway to the Chinese market.
    • Strong professional infrastructure:
      • For international and China trade,
      • As investment instrument in Global and China projects,
      • As finance management center – using Hong Kong banking system,
      • Simple tax system, easy maintenance requirement and low tax rates,
      • An extensive range of International services.
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