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Company delocalisation for tax reduction and new market reach

The main objective for all businesses is to reduce expenses and increase profit. The main expenses are coming from taxes, wages, production processes and business development.

Offshore solutions can reduce taxes but it may complicate management processes and for many years have been associated as a non legitimate solution although it is legal.

On the other hand Company delocalisation has more advantages in terms of cost reduction and business development. We have delocalised our clients companies to United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Latvia, and United Arab Emirates. Each of these jurisdictions is advantageous in their own way, but all of them holds unite benefits for company delocalisation.

The main benefits for company delocalisation:

Reduces taxation;

Corporate tax can be reduced to 15% and the money can be transferred officially from one company branch to another without coming questions from government authorities.

Reduces bureaucracy;

United Kingdom, Latvia and Hong Kong have generally reduced bureaucracy for many industries and high ease of doing business indicators. It will easily allow you to obtain the necessary permissions for your business and information of development of various business fields.

Establishes completely official structure abroad;

Such structure is not virtual, but completely real, with local office and at least one employee. That will allow to freely operating with any partners in EU.

Business development opportunity abroad;

Business delocalisation not only allows you to reduce expenses but it holds a perspective to develop your branch in new country and emerge your business to new markets, such as United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Can reduce the wages;

By transferring a department or developing a new structure in Latvia it will allow you to have an access to qualified employees in many industries for an average net salary of 700 EUR.

Company delocalisation service package

ICD Fiduciaries offers full delocalisation package starting from your business research to company opening, office address and recruitment. The fact that we are team members located in these places and we have established wide range of local partner’s network, delocalisation process is easy and time efficient.

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