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International Investment Structures

Services de portage offshore

International Investment Structures

With the appearance of globalization the location of a holding company is a significant consideration in any international structure where there is a wish to minimize the taxes on the flow of company income and capital gains.

ICD Fiduciaries has the competence to establish the international investment structure for corporate clients to use the world’s double tax treaties or re-structure it to find the most appropriate use due to your individual needs.

The international investment structure can be characterized as follows:

  • Considerable minority shareholding,
  • Rectitude and equity related investments,
  • Investment for amount of 5 – 15 million Euros per company over several financing rounds. For the first round the minimum should be 1 – 5 million Euros,
  • Creation of investment alliance for larger financing rounds,
  • Guide or co-guide investor,
  • Practical support and dynamic board membership,
  • Three to five years plan, leading to a sales trade or public offering.

Investment structure for Real Estate:

In the real estate sector it’s important to know that incorporating your company is one of the best ways to protect yourself from personal liability. There are several options what kind of structure to set up, therefore this is needed to be chosen on the specific needs, future business plan, volume and the place of operation.

Private Real Estate Funds:

Creation of a private real estate fund provides to real estate developer and access to a capital to fund new investment deals without having to increase the capital on a deal-by-deal basis.

Private real estate funds are usually formed using an entity such as limited partnership or either a limited liability company.  Both of these type of entities are known as pass-through entities so that they are disdained for tax purposes and all incomes and losses are directly ascribed to the limited partners or members.

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