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Offshore Company Formation

Our company will advise you and help you to realize your business project. Upon the choice of offshore company formation, it’s important to be well informed about the desired destination, because not all offshore jurisdictions have the same regulations, taxation and benefits.

Explain us your project and one of our experts will give you a consultation about the appropriate choice. Meanwhile you can discover the interest and advantages why to create an offshore company.

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Main jurisdictions for your offshore company formation:

Why choose to form an offshore company?

Simple management of the company, low rate or no corporate tax, low management costs, security and privacy, asset protection, no minimum capital to be paid up, you will avoid bureaucracy, no over-regulation from the authorities of the jurisdiction.

Find out: The steps of your offshore company formation with ICD Fiduciaries.

offshore company formation

Tax haven jurisdictions have the following characteristics:

Companies incorporated in tax havens are performed by non-residents. The laws of taxes in tax havens are created to attract international trade. Tax heavens have a wide range of advantages for companies and for individuals. Secrecy of the company structure and the financial transactions is one of the benefits raised from offshore companies.

Submit your business project and we will consult you for all your queries.

The benefits of a Tax Haven:

Offshore tax havens are highly competitive international financial service centers for international tax purposes. Tax havens are territories where the tax rates are on low rate or 0%. Several jurisdictions aim to have tax benefits for various types of taxes and for different types of companies or people.

Our business consultants will offer you the most appropriate Tax Haven for your needs:

ICD Fiduciaries consultants has a long experience in offshore company formation and providing consulting in individual cases, with the help of their partners over the world. The team of ICD Fiduciaries will provide the services and support you in the process of offshore company formation and offshore wealth management.

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