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Liechtenstein company formation – your holding solution

Liechtenstein company formation

Liechtenstein company formation

Liechtenstein is the richest German-speaking country and has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world when it is adapted by purchasing power parity. Besides, Liechtenstein has the world’s lowest external debt, and one of the lowest unemployment rate. Many of these conditions attract international investors to Liechtenstein company formation.

Liechtenstein’s principal offshore company is the Anstalt. It is often used as a holding company for intellectual property, patents or royalties, or for estate assets.

Liechtenstein offers a unique blend of very attractive features which answer your requirements the best and add value to a wide range of global investment vehicles.

Who and for what should choose Liechtenstein company:

  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Consultants,
  • Stockbrokers,
  • For international trade,
  • For commerce on the Internet,
  • For the protection of movable and immovable property
  • For inheritance purposes,
  • For intellectual property holding rights.

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Establishment Days
Incorporation of the company 2 -3
Delivery of original company documents 15
Offshore bank account opening 15 -20

Advantages of a company in Liechtenstein:

  • Corporate tax rate of 12.5 % with minimum annual tax of CHF 1.200,
  • Liberal and flexible company law with its own trust law,
  • Political and economic stability,
  • Bank secrecy law,
  • Liechtenstein’s monetary customs union with Switzerland is very stable.

Disadvantages of Liechtenstein company formation:

  • Offshore companies cannot benefit from international double taxation agreements,
  • The Anstalt can be expensive for non-trading operations or small assets.

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