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E-Commerce: Solution for your online business

Offshore E-Commerce solutions

Offshore E-Commerce solutions

ICD Fiduciaries has professional specialists who are specialized and will advice the best solution for E-Commerce project and regulation offered by the world’s premier jurisdictions.

E-Commerce Solutions with ICD Fiduciaries

The availability and popularity of the internet has created a virtual world where customers can receive goods and services online from home at reasonable prices.

Global market is now available to costumers, where ever you are and where ever you want at home, during a walk or in a meeting. It is possible due to the use of technological devices including Smartphone’s. E-commerce is becoming popular with innovation at the heart of any new successful venture.

It is the interaction between traditional client base and the new breed of online investors and inventors that has led ICD Fiduciaries to be a leading provider of international solutions to businesses within this sector.

E-commerce proves that even in times of severity the entrepreneurial can survive.

ICD Fiduciaries team is highly experienced and motivated individuals who are aspiring to give support to your business and to help you. The secret of our achievements have been the good relationships with our clients. Taking time to understand what our client needs and wants is the first step. Together with regulatory and technical expertise; clients receive a practical and common sense attitude to their business needs.

Do you have any questions? We are here to help! Ask our expertise.

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    ICD Fiduciaries is committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

    Strategic plan for your online business project

    If your business projects involves e-commerce, then it’s the most appropriated activity to set up an international company with low tax system, known as international companies. As follows you will see a complex strategy for your online business to ensure effective operation.

    1. Incorporation of an international company and business bank account

    By registering a company in a tax haven jurisdiction, the entrepreneurs will benefit from the tax system and at the same time it’s a suitable platform for online international business.  Also we will provide the bank account opening for your company.

    2. Web-hosting – protect your identity

    The choice of web-hosting server location adds additional protection of the website owner. ICD Fiduciaries provides trust-able and professional server hosting with a platform due to clients technical requirements. In this service is also included a domain name with personal data protection.

    3. Merchant account – online payment solution

    The final step of the secure e-commerce package is a merchant account opening so you could effectively operate with your website and receive online payments to take people’s Visa, MasterCard data. The payments with cards are the typical product, but besides that we can propose merchant accounts who provides more means of payment solutions.

    Of course, it’s easier to open an merchant account in your residential country, but it’ wouldn’t be the best option for such structure.

    The rate of online payment maintenance will depend on your business activity and jurisdiction where your company is registered.

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      ICD Fiduciaries is committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided.

      4. Virtual Office for communication

      To complete your e-commerce project’s strategy, as optional, but highly recommended, we suggest to use a virtual office package for the communication with your clients.

      No matter in which jurisdiction your company is registered  you can create a commercial office that will be presented to your clients for better communication.

      If your work on European market, the most suitable choice would be a commercial address and telephone in London. Also you can extend your international approach and present several commercial offices in each continent.

      All our services and related fees are tailored to your individual requirements.

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