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Panama international company – simplicity and trust

International company in Panama with corporation tax rate of 0%

The Republic of Panama has become one of the best-known jurisdictions mainly due to its geographical location rather than a deliberate attempt to be one.

However, the country’s geographical position and possibility to obtain tax-exempt status for companies have succeeded to attract multinational corporations, re-invoicing centers, different banks and also small manufacturing companies.

By setting up a Panama international company, investors can save loads of money which they otherwise would have to pay as taxes.

Panama is mostly considered in the international community as a country with wide range of investment opportunities than as a tax evader.

Who should choose Panama company

  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Consultants,
  • Stockbrokers / Forex traders.

Panama is an ideal jurisdiction for

  • International trade,
  • E-Commerce and E-Shop business,
  • The custody of movable and immovable property,
  • Operation of Internet portals of almost any kind,
  • Inheritance purposes,
  • Intellectual property management.

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    Interest of the jurisdiction of Panama

    Major advantages of Panama international company

    • Corporation tax – 0%,
    • Politically stable jurisdiction with good reputation,
    • There is no minimum capital required for establishment,
    • Business can be conducted worldwide,
    • Flags of convenience for shipping purposes,
    • Company offers unlimited liability protection,
    • There are no requirements for fiscal accounts or document storage,
    • There are no permanent establishment costs (no rental fees),
    • Well-developed legal infrastructure,.
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