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Offshore company for who ? And for what?

Providing the best of business development and financial opportunities worldwide – is the main objective of ICD Fiduciaires. For this reason our intention is to always work on behalf of our clients to help them achieve their goals. To create an offshore structure the first stage is to understand for who and for what an offshore company can be used.

Don’t rely on a presumption that offshore companies are created and used only by large structures with high turnover. It’s not the case anymore – from offshore solutions can benefit also small and middle sized structures and even star-ups.

Discover for who and for what business activities can be used an offshore company

International trading:

international trade

International trading

Formation of an offshore company will give the possibility for entrepreneurs to start an international business with setting up an inexpensive structure. With an offshore company you will find the advantage of zero or low tax system, simple company management and no capital to be paid up. Trough your company you will be able to buy and sell your product internationally and exempt from taxes.


Le E-Commerce


Offshore company can be used for trading online or providing Online services, by holding the domain name and website hosting on a secure offshore server, with an ability to protect your data from disclosure. You can choose to incorporate your company in an offshore jurisdiction to benefit for the tax advantages and to order a Virtual Office with address and phone number in any your chosen location for communication with your clients.


Les consultants


If you are a consultant or adviser in any kind of field and if you have your projects or partners in different countries in the world, then offshore company would be the most appropriate solution for your business.

Owning of movable or immovable property:

mobiliers et immobiliers

Movable or immovable property

If you are holding a real estate or personal property such as yacht or vessel, an offshore company can be used to hold a movable of immovable property. In such case, not only there will be confidentiality offered, but also you can have the advantage from exemption from such a type of tax as inheritance tax.

Holding an intellectual property rights:

intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks and copyrights can be registered on the name of an offshore company. This company can also operate with these rights, by selling or buying them. This will give the possibility to grant the rights to a company as income that will benefit from offshore jurisdiction tax system.




An offshore company exists continuous, as far as the expenses of the companies’ renewal have been paid, and in some jurisdictions it can be used to avoid taxation on your estate.
To maximize your estate, the offshore company can be combined with an Offshore Trust and actually this is the most suggestible structure for inheritance.

Stock and Financial markets:

forex brokers

Stock and Financial markets

Offshore companies are widely used on foreign exchange (Forex) and stock exchange markets. The main advantage is the anonymity, as the account will be created and all the operations done on the name of the company and the low tax rate on the gross profit of your operations in these markets.

Other business activities that can work under offshore structure:

Above was specified the most common activities and cases which can be operated trough an offshore company. Besides that there are several different cases, so the best way is to Contact Our team to explain your project and our expert will give you a consultation and the most suitable solution.

Get the right advice from professionals and it will pay you a huge gain in the future.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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