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Presentation of a Switzerland company formation:

Formation of a Switzerland company

Formation of a Switzerland company

Switzerland is a federal republic and officially it is known as the Swiss Confederation: each Canton (26) is managed autonomously. Switzerland has one of the world’s most stable economies. Its political stability has made this jurisdiction a safe destination for investors, creating an economy that is increasingly dependent on a steady tide of foreign investment. Country’s small size and high labor specialization, industry and trade are the keys to Switzerland’s economic livelihood. The service sector has also come to play a significant economic role. Basically Switzerland company formation ensures and creates an internationally renowned financial center in which to live, work and run a business.

It has a variety of specialized corporate forms which can be used by international investors and multinational companies to decrease their tax bills to a considerable extent.

Who and for what should choose Switzerland Company formation:

  • Entrepreneur;
  • Consultants;
  • International trade;
  • Commerce on the Internet;
  • Stockbrokers;
  • For the protection of movable and immovable property;
  • For inheritance purposes;
  • Intellectual property holding rights.

There are different type of companies in Switzerland for foreign investors:

  • The limited liability company (S.A.R.L.).
  • The public limited company (S.A.).
  • The partnership (S.N.C.).
  • The Partnership.
  • The cooperative society.
  • The branch.
  • The representative office.

The S.A.R.L. is the most common choice for medium and large companies.

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Time schedule for company incorporation in Switzerland:

Establishment Days
Incorporation of the company 10
Delivery of original company documents 10 – 15
Offshore bank account opening 15 – 20

Advantages of  Switzerland company formation:

  • Premier Location, highly respectable;
  • Sophisticated infrastructure;
  • Many Cantons (Swiss counties) can have negotiable rates;
  • No Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities;
  • Advance tax rulings easily obtained;
  • Tax treaty network.

Disadvantages of a company formation in Switzerland:

  • Relatively high cost;
  • Need Swiss Resident Directors;
  • For Switzerland SA 50% of authorized share capital must be paid up on incorporation;
  • For Switzerland SARL authorized share capital must be paid up fully on incorporation.

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