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Company incorporation in Canada for non-residents

Company registration in Canada

Company registration in Canada

International company in Canada with corporation tax rate of 5% or even 0%

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America, which was populated by the French and English researchers in the late 15th century. It’s the second largest country by its territory in the world and has more than 37 millions habitats.

One of the important impacts of Economic of Canada is the close trading relationships with United States, obtaining almost 80% of Canada’s export.

It is high-technology industrial country which has market oriented economic system with wealthy living standards.

The advantage of company registration in Canada is that this jurisdiction is well-respected, because only certain provinces of Canada have a status like an Tax haven, where the corporate tax can be reduced to a low rate, on condition that the business is not carried in Canada.

Business taxation in Canada

Canadian businesses are subject to federal corporate tax of 15%, to which must be added a provincial tax, the rate of which depends on the province – a rate between 2% and 16% of declared income.

However, corporation tax can be 5% or even 0% , depending on the province and the type of business incorporated; EPCs (Extra Provincial Company) are not subject to corporation tax, on the double condition that they have no income in Canada and that the beneficiary of this business in Canada is not resident in Canada.

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    Who and for what should register a company in Canada?

    • Consultants,
    • Commerce on the Internet,
    • Stockbrokers,
    • For inheritance purposes,
    • For protection of Intellectual property, patterns and trademarks.

    Advantages of a Canadian company

    • Canada is well-respected jurisdiction;
    • No Disclosure of Beneficial Owner to the Authorities;
    • Professional and highly developed infrastructure;
    • For international and Canada trade;
    • The accounts don’t need to be submitted to the authorities;
    • VAT is applicable only to services performed in Canada;
    • No minimum capital to be paid up.
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