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F.A.Q. offshore

We invite you to read this FAQ that could meet your possible questions

An offshore company ? Why ?

How you do choose the location of the offshore company and its direct debit?

Is it possible to open a private account in addition to the account in the name of my company?

Do I have to physically go to the bank to open an account?

Who does the accounting?

In which countries do you open bank accounts?

What is a nominee shareholder?

What is a nominee director?

What are the formalities required when a foreign company uses an employee living in France?

Is it possible to close a company and what is the cost?

What are the annual fees for a company management?

What about the VAT?


Who has access to bank accounts?

Who chooses the name of the company?

Who registers the company?

What is the minimum amount to open an account?

What happens if there is an overdraft on the account?

Can we freely use the money?

How quickly does a bank transfer in or out?

What is the limit for transfers from a distance?

Is it possible to do their banking online?

Where is the bank?

Is there a dedicated contact at the bank?

Can you cash checks on the account and in what timeframe?

Is it possible to get a checkbook to the bank account?

What are the costs, when making a purchase or a withdrawal with Visa or MasterCard?

So how much do you charge with your credit card?

Is it possible to obtain one or more ATM cards for payment?

What currency is the bank account?

Do we need to move abroad?

Is the opening of bank accounts included in your prices?

Provided for your benefit?

How to make payment for your services?

A best suited an offshore company?

Which jurisdiction should I choose for my company?

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