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EU Sanctions on Several Banks

The investigation on spot foreign exchange “Forex” market led by Brussels has been closed. On December 2021 the European Commission decided to impose a total fine of 261 million euros on several banks: Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC. In

Recovery in Sweden

Due to avoidance of a lockdown during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Sweden’s economy is closer to pre-virus levels than most of its European counterparts. Moreover, Swedish government has implemented a slew of policies to protect people’s lives, health,

The President of Germany’s Central Bank Bundesbank Resigns from His Position

Jens Weidmann has been the chief of Bundesbank already for almost a decade, however, now he has decided to resign from his position 5 years earlier before his term on 31st December, 2021. This statement came only weeks after the

Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

Lebanon has been facing economic crisis for almost 2 years since October 2019. The four main reasons behind the crisis are, firstly, debt of public sector, secondly, lack of functionality and liquidity of banking sector, thirdly, lack of productive economy,

Cyber Threats to the Financial System are Growing

With the growth of technologies also grows the treats that are related to it. Nowadays the main question regarding cyberattacks is not “if they will appear”, but “when they will appear”. Regardless of the seriousness of the treats there are

The Union Bank of Switzerland is Cautious about Cryptocurrencies

The Union Bank of Switzerland has changed it’s attitude regarding investments in cryptocurrency: due to increasing regulatory restrictions and leverage effects abused by other players in the market banking group does not want to offer it’s clients investment solutions in

UK Trade Agreement with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein

On 4th June of 2021 UK announced post-Brexit trade deal with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. The main purpose behind the trade deal was to save time and lower cost consumption. It is considered that the development of digital paperwork will

G20 is in Negotiations for Corporate Minimum Tax Rate

The international forum G20 has announced that they are keen to agree on a minimum tax rate for international company profit taxation. G20 hope to implement the regime by the middle 2021. At the moment the USA Secretary of the

Portugal: Threats on the Fiscal El Dorado for Foreigners

Retired citizens in Portugal may no longer have a full exemption on their pensions. Newcomers who reside at least 180 days a year could have a new tax within a few years. This is what the local press says. Is this

Gibraltar After Brexit Gibraltar can be considered as attractive and accessible financial jurisdiction for many reasons. For example, Gibraltar stands out due to it’s political stability, growing economy and English-based legislation. Moreover, OECD’s “White” territory highlights the fact the jurisdiction