Stability and

In cooperation with ICD FIDUCIARIES,
you can always be sure of
of the confidentiality of your business,
data and transactions.

0% Corporate tax with
onshore and offshore structures

UK, Scottish, Hong Kong and other
onshore and offshore structures
with account in secure
& reputable banks.

Trust 10 years
of experience

has been operating since 2006
and practices a flexible and individual
approach to each of its partners.

Do not hesitate to contact ICD Fiduciaries specialists to obtain information on bank account opening and/or offshore company registration. Offshore company registration in a particular jurisdiction will be tailored to your business activity.

Do not risk your money or be deceived, if you are being offered a “fast company registration online” – there is a very high risk that it will leave you without a bank account.


Bank account in an offshore jurisdiction – thismeans that your bank account will be located in a jurisdiction outside
the country of your residence. Bank account opening is necessary for any company to make business transactions.
Many European banks provide a bank account opening service for offshore companies and an opportunity to open
an account from a distance.

Contact us and we will tell you more about the opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions and their differences.


An offshore company helps to optimize financial flows, maintain confidentially of transactions, and is a legal
instrument of conducting business operations.

Please contact us and we will talk about the differences and the cost of opening accounts in different jurisdictions:

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