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Gibraltar After Brexit

Gibraltar can be considered as attractive and accessible financial jurisdiction for many reasons. For example, Gibraltar stands out due to it’s political stability, growing economy and English-based legislation. Moreover, OECD’s “White” territory highlights the fact the jurisdiction is considered a responsible global financial jurisdiction.

Gibraltar is attractive to new businesses and opportunity seekers, since the stability and certainty are finally returning in the country. In fact, EU Regulations have applied directly to Gibraltar, Gibraltar’s taxation regime has been subject to EU scrutiny. Post-Brexit, Gibraltar continues to apply existing commitments on anti-money laundering and financial supervision. The choice whether to voluntarily apply any new EU legislation or to adopt international standards which have the same effect will be made after.

Gibraltar’s diversified and stable economy will continue with the principal sectors of yachting and shipping, financial services, tourism, E-gaming and ship refuelling with little or no change. Gibraltar will maintain its status as a safe and stable choice and as a global financial centre by continuing to provide easy access to the EU and UK financial markets.

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